by Patrice Riley
(All Over)

I won a small amount of money... thinking seriously about how I should spend it. Then one day it hit me, my friends from high school always said, "You should move to Hawaii, you'd love it".

Well, I did the next best thing...a vacation to visit my friends in Hawaii. I paid for the trip for my boyfriend and myself...2 weeks in paradise!

We stayed in Oahu near where my (ex) brother-in-law lived so we could spend as much time together...I missed him terribly.

We hooked up right away...my friends are all surfers, so I had no problem spending each day going to the beach. While walking and catching up on life, we passed one of my friends, Craig, sitting at an outdoor café having coffee! What a small world...

O.K. so the story is that all of us crammed into my car and off we went...meeting their friends and visiting all the beaches. I've never had so much fun in my life. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Surfers have that laid-back aura which made my first experience all the better.

Later, I went back to visit Kauai for my birthday. Another terrific vacation.

Next year, I will be moving to Hawaii. I have traveled and sailed to many ports, but I have to tell you that Hawaii is one of the best!

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