Hawaii Tsunami

Are you prepared in the event the next one is "real"?

The Hawaii tsunami that followed the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northeast Japan did not cause much damage, relatively speaking, to Oahu and the neighbor islands, with the exception of the Big Island. For that, I, along with the residents of Hawaii, am grateful. The horrific event has nudged me into getting prepared for the next disaster that may strike the Hawaiian Islands. For years I've been putting off getting an "evacuation kit" ready to go. Now that I have a son, I know it is time to get serious.

It's been 2 weeks since the Hawaii tsunami scare, and I've been pondering a few recommendations/laws, with the car seat law in particular. As I'm sure you are aware, it is State law to buckle a child under the age of 4 into a car seat. I've been playing the image of the tsunami wave that washed over Sendai over and over in my mind, and I can't imagine stopping to put my seatbelt on let alone fussing over the car seat while this enormous wall of water is rushing toward me. And then being trapped by the safety constraints... but let's not go there. On the other hand, where else am I going to put my baby?! I'm praying I won't ever have to make this decision.

In the course of researching what to stock and what to pack, I've whittled down the list of websites that provide expert information on preparing for disasters that are hopefully also of help to you.

You may also want to subscribe to an Earthquake Notification Service, which was how I found out about the earthquakes in Japan before I turned on the news.

I am definitely going to go over our daycare provider's Emergency Plan, and perhaps leave a stroller and other essentials for her convenience.

Personally, it feels like packing for a trip, but lucky for us we don't live in an evacuation zone. However, to quote my boss who lives in Kailua, "The tsunami doesn't care if you live inside or outside of the evacuation zone!"

Oahu Tsunami Evacuation Zone map courtesy of City and County of Honolulu.

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