Getting to Hawaii and Honolulu

Ala Moana beach aerial shot
Aerial view of Ala Moana Beach, Honolulu

The best method of getting to Hawaii is by air travel and you’ll be landing at the Honolulu International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States. It is host to major US and international carriers, with direct flights to domestic and international destinations in the Pacific Rim.

I have learned that, for most international flights, especially where Hawaii is concerned, it’s best to book through a travel agent. Online travel sites that offer comparison-shopping services don’t come close to what a travel agent can give you: better prices, input requests for special meals and seat preference, and he or she may also hold your reservation for as long as you need and may defer payment. Try that with Orbitz or Expedia!

If you will be here for 4 years, it may be cheaper in the long run for you to purchase a one-way ticket for your flight to Honolulu, and then buying roundtrip tickets from here for your vacations back home. That's what I did, anyway, after my first year here.

Or, you may luck out on Web specials offered by the airlines, but naturally it’ll take more effort on your part, and you’ll have to consider booking fees and travel restrictions, like travel dates and/or days, which usually accompany these promotions.

If you’ve accumulated a ton of airline mileage and want to continue doing so, obviously your choices are limited to the specific airline and/or its airline alliance members.

I’ve researched the international flight options for getting in and out of Hawaii, and you can read about the one that best suits you here.

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