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photo of flying over Philippines I’ve researched international flights to Honolulu,Hawaii and the following is a summary of what I’ve learned. I've listed their airline alliance information as well, just in case you're accruing mileage.

These airlines serve the Pacific Rim routes between Honolulu International Airport and most major airports, and are listed in alphabetical order.

International flights to/from Asia

  • All Nippon Airways (Star Alliance) – 2nd only to JAL in Japan; daily flights, transit in Tokyo-Narita.

  • China Airlines (SkyTeam) – Daily flights, transit in Taipei-Taoyuan and Tokyo-Narita.

    My Mom’s choice of carrier for her flights to Honolulu. My issue with them is the mandatory overnight stay in Taipei on all South East Asia-bound flights, except on Thursdays and Sundays.

  • Japan Airlines (Oneworld) – Daily flights, transit in Tokyo-Narita.

  • Korean Air (SkyTeam) – Daily flights, transit in Seoul-Incheon.

    My issue with them is the l-o-n-g transit (10 hours!) Enough said. Perhaps, I’ll try them sometime, just to check out the Best Airport in the World!

  • Philippine Airlines (no alliance) – 3 flights weekly, transit in Manila-Ninoy Aquino.

    Short transit time in Manila, which is great, but their schedule/availability is an inconvenience. Maybe when the stars align…

International flights to/from Oceania

  • Air Canada (Star Alliance) – 4 flights weekly, transit in Vancouver.

  • Air New Zealand (Star Alliance) – Transit in Auckland. 2 flights weekly.

  • JetStar (no alliance) – 4 flights weekly, transit in Sydney.

  • Qantas (Oneworld) – 3 flights weekly, transit in Sydney.

photo of flying over clouds

I confess that I am not a fan of US carriers, and from what I’ve observed, they end up codesharing with Asian carriers anyway.

My favorite airline when traveling between South East Asia and Honolulu is Japan Airlines. The service is top-notch and the airfare is competitive. But the most important factor is shortest travel time.

For our flights to Honolulu from Singapore, the JAL itinerary that we usually choose is about 19 hours of total travel time, which includes a 3 hour transit in Tokyo Narita, and about 8 hours of flight time to and from both ports.

However, earlier this year (2010) the carrier filed for bankruptcy protection, and in the process of restructuring its operations, has changed the itinerary options. I hope they’ll get over the setback soon so that we’ll have choices again!

Traveling long distance across different time zones can result in jet lag, but you can avoid it if you follow these tips. They work for me, and I'm sure they'll work for you too!

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