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Aloha, E Komo Mai!

Welcome to Honolulu Hawaii Life Guide! This site will guide you through everything you need to know about moving to Honolulu; from deciding what to pack and finding an apartment, to getting your driver's license and grocery shopping, it's all here.

I know how getting out of your comfort zone and traveling thousands of miles away to a foreign place is both exciting and terrifying, because I've been through that journey. I arrived on the shores of Oahu as an international student almost 10 years ago, with the intention of returning home upon graduation. Guess what? I never left.

Now Honolulu is where I live, work and play!

Back then, even though the Internet was readily available (at dial-up), I never thought of researching the cost of living or the weather conditions or getting around the island.

Diamond Head Waikiki photo
Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach

Lucky for me, I was introduced to Eunice, my very first friend in Hawaii. She took me under her wing in my first semester and was my “big sister” in many ways. (I’m sure she rolled her eyes at the naïve questions I sent to her via email!)

So for you, my dear readers, I shall be your Eunice, and prepare you for what could possibly be the most eye-opening experience of your life… living in Honolulu, Hawaii!

All you need is a lot of information, and a reasonable measure of common sense!

I created this guide to help international students (but the info applies to everyone) coming to Oahu for the first time, and have included practical advice for transitioning to life in Honolulu, Hawaii, such as overcoming culture shock, homesickness and adjusting to island life.

Waikiki Queen's Beach photo
Gone surfing!

This site has these main sections (but it's a work-in-progress, so please bear with me! I will add pages as quickly as I can!):

  • Welcome to Paradise – From researching which international airlines fly to Honolulu and decoding weather in Hawaii, to learning the local languages and foods, it’s all here.

  • Life in Paradise – How is the nightlife in Honolulu like? How do I find off-campus housing? How much should I tip when dining out? How do I get around? Find the answers to these questions, and read about other useful information in this section.

  • Exploring Paradise – There is more to Oahu than just Waikiki and surfing. Do you know that there are also great hiking trails, world class golf courses and many historical sites to see?

  • Romance in Paradise – Are you planning to get married in Honolulu? Or maybe planning to spend your honeymoon here? This section will cover the basics from legal marriage requirements to suggestions for the perfect wedding and honeymoon!

  • Keiki in Paradise – From pregnancy and childbirth and Hawaiian names to locating a reliable childcare provider in your neighborhood and the best family and kid-friendly activities to do on Oahu, this section is written for both soon-to-be and brand-new parents.

  • Pets in Paradise – With lots of land to roam about and the ocean to surf, Hawaii is the perfect place for pets, especially dogs! Find out where you can pamper your four-footed friends to a spa, buy the coolest fashion and accessories or hire nannies to care for them while you’re at work or at play (somewhere far, far away).

You can also read about what other readers think, browse questions that have been asked, or add your own thoughts, tips, photos or experience!

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Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you soon in Paradise!

Nice day in Waikiki photo
Just another lovely day in Paradise...

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